Backpacks Addon

This add-on introduces backpacks into Minecraft, without mods. These are essentially mobile chests which you can wear on your back while traveling around in your world. They are great if you are out on an adventure and need somewhere to offload your blocks and items. It’s easy to wear and also easy to take off in case you need to access the storage space easily. It’s definitely a must have for all the survivors out there!

How does it work?

The backpack has a very low spawn rate. If you find one then you can make it your own by using an Emerald on the backpack.

Before you can use it you will need to use a dye to dye the backpack. Once dyed, you will then be able to open the backpack and store things in it.

Walk and stand near the backpack and it will automatically jump on your back.

You can only open your bag by placing it down on the ground and opening it like the inventory of a llama. To get it off your back, simply jump!
It’s also possible to open other players bags while they are wearing them, but it will only work if the backpack is unlocked.
If you hold a tripwire hook in your hand and click tame then the backpack will lock and other players will no longer be able to open your backpack.

You can use any of the dyes to dye your backpack in your favorite color.



  • Can be worn like a regular backpack 
  • You can change the color of the backpacks
  • You can open the backpacks, and store items in them
  • Locks can be applied to keep others out of your backpack
  • Works like a parrot, without replacing existing items.