GROL - The brain of MCresources

A bot is in the making! GROL will soon come out of testing, and will replace the entire search feature, so you can ask it (him) what kind of maps, mods, textures, addons and other creations that you are looking for. This bot will not replace the existing editorial team, just help us to give you better maps. 

This change will be carefully considered, because we don't want our existing creators to leave our system just because of a misbehaving bot. This bot is different from our twitter bots, because they can only generate posts, and they cannot create their own "ideas" and learn from themselves. This bot, GROL will be able to come up with its own sentences, learn from the users, and over time, GROL will become very intelligent. This will be heavily monitored, and controlled until it is certain that the bot will not go out of its intended purpose.


Download Sources

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