SG Hide and Seek - Christmas

This is a really well made hide and seek minigame with several cool features to make it a unique and enjoyable experience. For example, it got live statistics which is updated all throughout a round. The map was created two year ago but has since then been revamped twice. There is not actual player limit so you can be as many as you want playing this map. The map is now Christmas themed for the holiday!
Created by the SkyGames Team

How to play? 

Seekers: There is just one seeker at start. If you’re chosen as the seeker you will have to wait in the lobby for 40 seconds to let the hiders hide. As soon as those 40 seconds have past you’ll be able to start seeking. Hit a player to get them on your side as a seeker.
Hiders: The first thing you’ll be able to do is to buy your taunts in a shop. Taunts are items which when dropped on the ground sets of a sound around you and gives you speed for 10 seconds. As soon as you’ve been teleported into the arena it’s time to finding a hiding place.

When does it end? One round takes four and a half minute. If hiders are dead before that then the seekers win. If the seekers don’t find the hiders by the end of it then the hiders will win.


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