The Floor Kills!

The Floor Kills is a multiplayer minigame where you need to do very basic parkour so as to finish a deterrent course. In the event that you drop down on the floor then you will pass on instantly and need to begin once again. Be that as it may, there are likewise helpful squares en route which will give you diverse lift impacts. 

How to play? 

Once everybody have joined your reality press the catch in the anteroom to begin the amusement. Everybody will naturally transport to a glass confine and a commencement will be started.
You can begin running and bouncing when the pen opens. The fundamental target from here on his to traverse the snag course. In the event that you fall onto the floor you will bite the dust.
In the snag course you will go over a couple of various pieces which give diverse lift impacts (and once in a while awful ones):

Jump Boost = Green
Speed Boost = Blue
Checkpoint = Yellow
Slowness = Light blue
Invisibility = Dark blue
Blindness = Black