Tyrannosaurus Rex

This add-on adds a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur with custom animations to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It’s by far one of the most dangerous mobs that you will find in the Overworld. But if you’re lucky, you might find a young one, as they are harmless and can be tamed with some meat. You can then use it both for protection and as a rideable mount as you continue on your adventures in Minecraft.

How does it work?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T-Rex) is an added entity with amazing custom animations. The most epic one is by far the roar. Before an attack, it will push forward its neck, stretch open its jaw and then roar in anger. It’s quite horrific thing to experience, but it’s also what makes it fun.

The large T-Rexes should be avoided at all costs if you hold your life dear. However, if you find a small one then you can try taming it by feeding it any type of meat.

Crouch and use the interact button (or right-click if on Windows 10) to make it sit or stand.

A tamed adult can be used as a riding mount. Also here you will notice it has a custom animation while riding it.


  • Added entity
  • Naturally aggressive
  • Spawns naturally in the following biomes:
    • Taiga
    • Forest
    • Dark Oak Forest
    • Roofed Forest
    • Mega Taiga
  • Small T-Rex is tameable with some meat
  • Tamed T-Rex will follow you around and protect you
  • You can ride tamed adults 


Download Tyrannosaurus Rex Addon