Bedrock Prisons

You have been sent to JAIL! A jail that you can't leave anymore. 
What you need to do to leave: Start mining, there are eight cells in the prison map and you need to keep mining until the end of the map. This map includes a timer that shows you how long you have played in my prison map.

This prisons map is the traditional-style prisons, and it is enjoyable for anyone who likes grinding through to beat the game. While the creator (ItsDominicPlays) was designing this map, his beta testers mined some of the ores in the original file, so a secondary file will be provided with the fixed ores. Scoreboards are used to show how much money you currently have, and you can increase that amount by mining ores, and turning them in at the trading hall on the left. If you unlock the Secret prison Kit, you can send a DM to: ItsDominicPlays#1397 as proof of completion.

The map has various mines, and some can be mined using TNT, although the blocks may not drop. This entire map can take around 8-10 hours to complete according to the creator, and over time, you will get special items.
The record will remain intact even after you leave the game, and won't reset because the data is stored in game. (Exception: Explosion I and Explosion II)
If you have any problem to this prison map by me please contact the creator using the official MCRES discord and tell him your problem in the general chat.

Download this map:


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