General Rules does not promote piracy, reclaiming, or anything of the sort. We are against it.
If anyone posts with a link to anything like "free minecraft" or "best free coupons" we will remove the post, and block the person's account. If there is an excessive amount of spam, we will remove the commenting feature.

All mods, maps, addons, and texture packs are of their respective owner, we do not take credit for any mods, maps, addons, or textures unless stated in the creators slot. It world look something like
"creator: minecraftsmods community"

Minecraftsmods is not affiliated with MojangAB in any way, other than showing off builds from their game. Minecraft isn't free, don't try to get it free.

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Chat Rules provides chat opportunities to all members, unless they are in violation of the following rules. 

General Rules On Chat

  • No flooding, this includes scrolling
  • Limit message sizes to under 200 characters
  • No typing in all or excessive CAPS
  • Do not ask for personal details
Explanation: Flooding (posting a message many times), scrolling (posting many times but with one or few characters per message), and messages with too many characters slow down the chat rooms for everybody. Typing in all or excessive CAPS is annoying. It doesn't necessarily slow down the chat rooms, but it does clutter the chat windows.

Keep It Clean

  • No sexual references / vulgar nicknames
  • No bad language, 21% of our readers are under age 10
  • Do not make threats of any kind
  • Do not advertise
Explanation: Graphic sexual reference is rude, inappropriate, and offensive to many people. Vulgar nicknames are also considered rude and offensive. Because of this, a violation of these rules will result in the offender being kicked from the chat rooms. Using certain vulgar words is common among some people, but not all. Please respect fellow chatters and keep the language clean

General Chat Manners

Just as in real life, the Internet has certain things that you do and certain things that you don't do. For those of you that are relatively new to chatting, or the Internet in general, reading the following will help you understand chat etiquette and improve your ability to communicate with others.

Reuse of posts on this site

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